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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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since the blockade of cattle started now more than 2 years ago cats are essentially now operating because it's able to use the radio airspace in the rain trade routes because as space across the gulf and trade routes of the go a big cut off by those blockading countries so very important meeting for the cattery better thanks very much the better spent reporting that. well the us president has dismissed around denial that it had anything to do with the tanker explosions in the gulf but one of those that called iran a nation of terror told trump says a grainy video released by the u.s. central command is proof of iran's involvement germany says that that is inconclusive reports now from muscat. what or who used to blame for the explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. blames iran and they released this video purporting to show it on a sort of a god's removing an unexploded limpet mine from the japanese old kuta courageous
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the timestamp according to the americans shows the top and after the vessel screw had been askew well iran didn't do it and do you know they did it because you saw that load i guess one of the mines didn't explode and it probably got essentially iran written all over it and you sort of load it night trying to take the mind off it successfully took their mind off the boat and that was exposed was a boat that will damn. near didn't want the evidence left behind i guess they don't know that we have a segment we can detect in the dark that worked very well. russia and germany say the video at least inconclusive and the requires further west to. iranian leaders accuse the us of what they call diplomacy against the country speaking at a gathering of eurasia leaders in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani said the u.s. is pushing and the going to stop that cannot be tolerated. as the government of the
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united states over the last 2 years is using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. and in the war of words the japanese owner of one of the ships has cast doubts on the u.s. claim that mines were used he said the ships a lot of soft flying objects before the explosion this for analysts hard evidence is kept but intentions on the one side or the other are easy to gain iran may well one to prove that if squeezed it can hit back by dissipating oil supplies through the strait of hormuz the u.s. leaders on the other hand have long shown their desire to punish iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions one analyst says whoever is behind the attack incident
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has given the us a perfect opportunity but i think it's pretty clear that the united states administration is really rushing to judgment there is quite a bit of cynicism out there are young people who are trying to read the messages from pompeo a lot of people think this is possibly a little too convenient given that there are some in washington some in certain countries in the region that want to see the tensions between the u.s. and iran remain really high some of those countries are iran a sunni muslim neighbors saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in addition to israel but there is no telling what a war on iran could cause to the region gulf nations have much to do is if a major war breaks out if in the north of the country life could find itself in the crossfire because of its location other nations such as the united arab emirates may well really think before encouraging
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a conflict and the economy prosper. it's. a disease. well let's explore this a little more i'm pleased to say we can speak to france when we can know who's a former french ambassador to iran he joins us by skype from paris ambassador do you think the evidence of the patrol boat allegedly removing a mine from the ship is as conclusive as president trump says it is no no it's certainly not conclusive evidence we're still missing the smoking gun that out of course circumstantial presumptions let's say in a phone live because the ring you know officials have repeatedly stated that if they could not they export the that all of this would not go without going sequences and we are exactly in this in this state in this situation at the moment but smoking gun no not yet all. the
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possibilities even if it's a remote that depends on everyone's judgment not good before. ok so given your experience in the region in dealing with high level of government in iran do you think it is likely that they were responsible and if so. what do they stand to gain and if they weren't who was in a position to gain from this. it's. 100 to consider iran feels that. it's let's say it's vital interests at stake and when you owe your vital interest demigods attacked the of this moment. any kind of reaction is could be justified could be legitimized it's when sanctions. such
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concrete hansie of dim dimension. today that really is going to strangling the ringin economy of the region people. you know everything is a good the could be illegitimate to answer attack on but all interests . one has to keep in mind trying to zone got name you know to the oil minister said recently times are hard the done the time of the iran iraq war that the shows ha ha in it is that the moment for the reagan book your nation right remains to be seen what repercussions that will be with getting a hint from the iranian president he's now threatening to pull back iran's compliance with its nuclear deal if the signatories to the agreement to show what he calls a positive signals how dangerous a situation right now do you think. i don't think the brink of
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war the moment not yet you know one has to keep in mind in fact that donald trump and president trump wants some kind of agreement with iran if only because you know the presidential election campaign will come soon you know and of course he wants to be near reelected of course does not trump won't come back to the g.d.p. way out of the nuclear agreement and the reunions won't accept to renegotiate disagreement but there are still ways i believe her to to do to build up a kind of limited agreement which could. nuno limit and reduce the tension in the region and better for us on the globe we appreciate our time thanks a lot thank you for plenty more still ahead on the news hour including hidden away
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the migrants being kept by the u.s. government in what some say is a concentration camp. and thousands of brazilians takes the streets against the president we'll tell you why. that the man i up a 1st major santa has the action from the 2nd round of the u.s. i've been at the open. thousands of protesters have gathered in the algerian capital for the 17th we can erode this time to celebrate the arrest of officials linked to ousted president up there as he's been terrific several former officials and business men have been taken into custody as part of a corruption case protesters are demanding the removal of what they call the clan of duty free card. police in mali's capital have fired tear gas at protesters off the demonstrations broke out near a military barracks is growing tension over the deployment of
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a west african regional security force dozens of people were killed in the latest flare up of ethnic fighting earlier this week welcome weapons will. people here feel molly's conflict has been ruled to that doorstep was very much it's not that not that angry. the headquarters of a regional military cooperation known as g 5 somehow being moved to that neighborhood in mali's capital bamako. it's still a good deal we want them to leave here we want them to get out that's all that is all. its previous headquarters were bombed by insurgents last yeah it was in central mali closer to the conflict that the g 5 is meant to resolve. the decision to move it here to the capital in the south came after the headquarters of the g 5 just down there the police are protecting them police have
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been coming up to the protesters in the pickups driving around the neighborhood firing tear gas but each time they pull away protesters we got some of it throwing stones setting fire to tires and other debris in the road people here on. what they see as a totally ineffectual regional cooperation. many people in mali feel the army un peacekeepers and foreign militaries have failed to protect them from various foreign forces here have failed to end insurgencies in the north by armed groups linked to al qaida and i so the g 5 health force includes book enough to pass a child mauritania. as well as mali. the people here in bamako don't want to hear. about. this fight the terrorists in the villages
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every day our brothers and sisters are being killed their places over there even last week they killed people in the book too we're asking them only in the thirty's to do everything to get them out of here. on these problems are many and complex. insurgencies in the north into communal conflict in the center. and now protests in the capital over a failed regional attempt to bring peace. malcolm web and al-jazeera how micro mali . the saudi u.a.e. led coalition in yemen has carried out ass strikes on whose the rebel targets according to saudi's state media military bases in their defense systems were attacked in the capital sana earlier this week who the rebels targeted saudi arabia's ports near the border with yemen and warning civilians to stay away from airports in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in brazil protests of stood by their promise of
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a 24 hour strike and have continued demonstrations into friday night they're angry about a proposal to raise the retirement age protests parts of brazil to a standstill with many walking off their jobs and the government says the changes the needed to stop the country from sliding into a recession reports no. new trains today much of those extensive metro system remain closed a show of defiance by the trade unions and inconvenience for many passengers trying to get to work but why yes we just don't know most of us a shift here we called our manager and asked if they could send a car to take us to the office if we don't make it to be a deduction from our following time but that doesn't mean it's important to protest against a pensioner home but they should plan something that won't disturb everyone. bankers teachers and all workers also joined the industrial action in towns and cities across brazil doing something to the total we're fighting for our futures and for the next generations future we want to retire with dignity. if you want to
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that's ok or i don't think we know the government is not sensitive to this kind of protest but we want politicians to hear us anyway. routes were blocked here in sao paulo as well as in rio de janeiro in cities in the north the strike better observed in some places than in others. resident both on the outer came to office 5 months ago promising radical reform to burst brazil's ailing economy sacrifices he said have to be made the brunt of those sacrifices is what this dispute is all about. these workers around the mountain should not be damned the rich and big business they say should pay their taxes. we work a 44 awake one of the highest in the world also in many poor regions of brazil life expectancy is 6364 years old they want to rise the pension age to 65 but many will be dead by the end that's why we're against this proposal. the government says
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reform is essential to modernize a bloated financial system a mate brazil more competitive. the unions say those cuts will hit the public sector the workers' holiday with brazil heading for recession they say this is a fight it's only just begun. when a few minutes we'll have the weather with kevin and then still ahead aaron al-jazeera . will look at the hospital crisis in iraq's oil rich southern province. and fury in the ring sun has a build up to a big night of everyone books. the web sponsored by the time. we're going to start this hour here in the mediterranean
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where the temperatures yesterday in particular were rising i want to show what what's been happening here particularly in corsica where they broke a record yesterday it reached 40 point one and that was an all they had winds that reached about 65 kilometers per hour those were the gus this is what it looked like on the ground where they even had to close schools across the region visibility came down the reason being is the winds were coming out of the south southeast bring that sahara dusk across the area bring the visibilities down to many areas things have gotten better today we're looking at temperatures in this region into the mid for twenty's which is about normal for this time of year but words not normal is still here across parts of central and eastern europe where we have been dealing with the temperatures well above average for over a week he wave conditions and this is also lead to severe weather across that area because the the temperatures at this level really helped cause instability across the region we have a follow bonnie raitt here and today we have
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a level 21 then what that means is very large hail gusty winds and also the possibility of tornadoes we're talking about parts of germany as well as into poland tomorrow though much better conditions that heat is going to be gone across much of the area we're going to be seeing areas back into the twenty's. the west. alleys. in morocco unregistered an under-age marriages have caused problems especially for women and children i've been trying for years to get my daughter legally recognized by have found pressure from lobby groups has led to changes to the modelling of the family code giving women greater rights in marriage while keeping the family and. now the divorce rate has increased a lot mainly with occupations made by wives. al-jazeera world. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but afghan traders
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who braved it will concur into all that it's no choice. combating the impossible to sell their goods and isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera. i don't know what you all deserve a reminder the top stories this hour hong kong's plans for a new a controversial new bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china being suspended for territories chief executive kerry made the announcement
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off to meet the legislators several hours. alarms decision that follows a week of mass protests organizers say they will still go ahead with sunday's scheduled demonstrations despite the decision to suspend the controversial bill they say the suspension doesn't go far enough and they want it scrapped. iran's president hassan rouhani says his country will continue to pull back from its new could deal commitments because others aren't showing progress on the issue he spoke at a summit and she could stand at where more than such countries are gathering to discuss challenges in the asian region. to iraq where iraq's void vast oil wealth once paid for some of the best health services in the middle east but decades of conflict and political unrest of countries that is what the government admits is a crisis in hospitals as charles traffic reports things up it's equally bad and bad for a province where people have long complained of government neglect. could there
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was diagnosed with leukemia 11 months ago. she is 4 years old. her father brings her to this government cancer hospital in basra for chemotherapy treatment but the drugs needed to keep her along it are often in short supply and. we don't know whether she will get better i'm very afraid because i see many children who come to this hospital dying of cancer the number of chemotherapy sessions varies each month but sometimes we have to delay coming because there is no bed available. around 70 children are being treated for cancer in buses children's hospital. experts say pollution from surrounding oilfields is one of the reasons why basra has the highest rate of cancer in iraq iraq used to have some of the best hospitals and medical expertise in the middle east but decades of war conflict and political instability means those days are long gone the situation at
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this cancer hospital is so bad that doctors here say they have to rely on cash donations to buy up to 75 percent of the chemotherapy medicine they need every month. patients a health services are particularly bad in southern iraq basra is the largest oil producing region in the country but there's little sign of petro dollars spending at hospitals like this one. people in basra have along the complaint of neglect of what they say is corruption and financial mismanagement by the federal government in. protest to set fire to the provincial council building during demonstrations last year at least 30 people were killed during the on the rest against the lack of services doctors say they often provide the basic needs. we're facing a crisis in so many levels become provide chemotherapy fast enough it's not always
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available it's expensive and getting it involves a lot of bureaucratic red tape we also need more trained medical staff. the regional government says federal government leaders in baghdad must do a 7 when there hasn't been enough financial support from the federal government for many years this year we were allocated 2.8 percent of the federal budget and that's nowhere near enough and we need a better share of the revenues or things won't improve. the hospital is a mural called the tree of life showing photos of children who were treated here and survived the government in baghdad which in recent years has struggled to cope with the battle against eisel has promised to do more to help doctors say that if it doesn't then many more cancer victims like fatima will die. al-jazeera. all right let's get more on top story now and hong kong's
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decision to suspend an unpopular extradition law we can speak to who's an independent china listing joins us via skype from hong kong welcome to the program . has pulled back what it is going to happen to her. well of course this is a huge groundswell of opposition. to the extradition bill which allows one of those time. people in hong kong to be extradited to the mainland for trial and of course very few people trust them also on a song by and is because the one country 2 systems. seem to be deemed to be protected by constitution which is the home whole space it all but of course under the basic law which governs the relationship between a chain hong kong there are safeguards all the systems which some call with this
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separate law under common law and its freedoms are various of those guarantees but also there are safeguards for the juices in terms of security and all those in fact there are lots of safe thoughtful home only if you say but thought this is right i said so given that they want to carry law has said she's she said she put the bill on pause as it were and mr want to correct the communication of the bill it's not dead is it by the sounds of it will come back and what will happen then. well i don't think it will come back very quickly because the i hate this issue. the 2nd reading is because. it's in t.v. russia and that raises suspicions on the part of the hong kong people. and also there was not you know understanding the concept out in the room and then there are
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also worries that even with the state ballots they would not be sufficient to hold a fair against them all on the sole so it takes a long time and also the opposition political parties would have a field day and indeed taking advantage of this. upsurge all opposition against the government to get them all in the coming elections so i think that the government is treading very very carefully and there is no it's quite unlikely that it would come back but. looking over the border as it were to what degree would they have been involved in current times decision to reverse things for the time being. well as i said that this issue that we burrs the. early decision to rush it through the let it be the council where the administration have more most of the votes because most of the. government so the rushing is
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when you have more votes doesn't necessarily result that ability in the eyes of most of the we don't call it this as i said. about the occasion so i think that there was a. battle for the government that we backed out of the law and the trust so that the bill can say. let's at the council at a suitable warning time but i don't think that it's going to happen very soon right and in the meantime the planned protest will continue on sunday all right andrea thanks very much and thank you competition for farmland is leading to ethnic violence in some west african countries including mali and nigeria hundreds of killed every year for lonnie herdsmen and farmers fight over land and water and their magic heard as one grazing for their cattle and farmers look to protect their
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crops so many droughts have made it worse not as weak men with guns and machetes that at least $100.00 doggone farmers and their families dead in money and one $160.00 for lonnie herd as were killed in march villages have also been attacked across the border in money groups linked to al qaeda or an ice similar exploiting the tribal tensions in the region it's especially bad for the funny people in nigeria who say they're being ignored by the government would interest has more now from northwest nigeria. the population of will be awfully nice estimated 40 to 45000000 people there mostly found in the west african nations of nigeria mali booking apostle and the rest but they're also found in central african countries and this would on a 3rd of them no money people move from one country to another across international borders in such a posture and water for their animals. are bucharest man says he lost everything when cattle destroyed describes a few days ago he says his family could go hungry this year if he can't get
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a loan to replant and time is running out for the farmer who depends on the rains to grow food for now he turns to this failing crops. they came by tonight. everything is gone i don't know where to go and what to do it happens every time around here sometimes violence erupts and people get hurt. he blames this felony cattle herders for the damage to his 2 farms the full and the on their part say they're the most exploited and neglected community despite their contributions to the economy of the region. live as opposed to a lease is getting harder. does admit it is a result grazing areas. practically almost every inch of that. a would such competition. they blame the government for doing nothing while their
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posture land was being usurped as a sahara desert moves farther inland arable land in nigeria's average north is shrinking. as a result much of the centuries old access routes taken by the herders has been turned into farmland their movement is usually restricted and most often results in deadly clashes with the farmers this is what remains of a kilometer wide cattle route on both sides farms over the past 30 years nigeria has seen a rapid growth in population with a corresponding increase in the demand for food so competition for land between farmers and cattle herders has intensified and led to violent confrontations over the past 3 years more than 2000 people have been killed across the country 2017 was one of the deadly as years in the farmers herders conflict with about 1000 people killed tension between the 2 ethnic groups is at the hurt of the lawlessness
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currently sweeping north west nigeria hundreds have been killed this year hundreds of kidnapped for ransom and over 30000 people displaced some governments have introduced desperate measures including the death penalty to try to stop the violence because this is risible when the police and the money among. the. busy. we just kill that person can take you into. the mines to this acceptable. and and in. that. to do. the full on is produced most of the beef mutton and conceived in nigeria for centuries that lived into dependent lives of the farmers but the past 30 years have tested that harmony with deadly consequences the proliferation of weapons in the region especially from the conflict in libya makes it difficult for
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forty's in the countries affected by the farmer clashes to control the situation. let's go now to who's an editor an investigative journalist joins us from lagos nigeria via skype and tell us more 1st of all about the background to this into tribal conflicts and what's behind it so bob brown is that the fire marshal and head out of that car started in law in. if ahmed grew up problem the last day here now as. we realize you know that's being looked at me a lot so if your mother took. the government if you give your point will you seriously i guess is it easy if he didn't continue on to you know young woman decided to act immediate political we would all be right at the moment of saying there is no political will what happens do they lean on one side
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or the other. yes 1000000000 on the side of the next man the president lyndon understand and yet it's been easy for the last man in the last few years all indicate not easy but that it did because of him in the end men. passed across and the president wanted to see scenes that fun out of the. big lot as it in that interview didn't designate that for that management of the fault was that if there is will be the world did not men designate that i will of been others there as well feared to designate letterman as a terrorist the government does not equal never mind how and here to recognize that these people are terrorists the president was new to that announcement when he sticks it gives a nice big move about we not a monarchy but that's not to the president so if i had to be to look it is the if
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we had millions were denied us not wait to be looked at least used to look and president not even if used up if you still stuck in refuse to listen so ok also if it is refusing the government refusing to but what do you think needs to be done to ease the tensions when you've got 2 groups competing for the same learn but what can you do. yes you go men need to get in there if you stick in a sense so when you go we'll have a. security you know it isn't easy you know mickey get in you know for us i did it by mistake it's merely kidnap me and deep not one in each of those rules and punishment then that is not that is happening granted those needs give us the agony of needle you need to clean useful he didn't want to see what you lose your job people have to meet responsible cause if you're lucky if it is going to
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have to be medium as well as the new to clean and of course a lot of security you have to be blunt to call my a copy of my brief me now coming to a couple of times we appreciate your perspective on this thanks very much for cya so you are joining us from lagos in nigeria and. mexico's immigration chief has resigned as the government says it will tighten security and the dozens of border crossings as part of efforts to stem the flow of migrants into the united states footage filmed by al-jazeera shows the convoys of trucks carrying migrants to little known border town between guatemala and mexico for security and people smuggling operations have turned the area into a crossing point for thousands john holdren has more now from mexico city after a report that showed convoys of trucks heading through most nights from a very specific area of the guatemala mexico border and those trucks controlled by people smugglers taking hundreds of central americans through mexico to the u.s.
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border we are asked president lopez all over a daughter of mexico why if that had been had.


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